Mt.Fuji Letter Stand

Mt.Fuji Letter Stand comes in a flat sheet in an original envelope package.
The iconic Mt.Fuji shape is accentuated with the burned edges and the completely open area in the middle.
It comfortably holds postcards and standard letter envelopes.

The stand is composed of Japanese Lime plywood pieces. They are lasercut and then polished by hand with natural beeswax. This makes a perfect gift to anyone, who likes Mt.Fuji or traveling. We hope you will enjoy this mini Mt.Fuji rising on your desk.

- Size: W14cm D4cm H7cm
- Package size: W16.3cm D11.5cm H0.5cm
- Weight 40g
- Japanese Lime plywood pieces
- Laser-cut and hand-polished with organic bees wax
- Made by hand at our studio in Tokyo